Volunteer FAQ

How do I schedule a date to volunteer?

If you are interested in a group volunteering opportunity, please contact our Volunteer Engagement Fellow Josh Koletar with the following information:

Interested date(s)
House preference, if you have one (we like flexibility!)
Type of event (dinner, baking, etc.)
What time you would arrive
What time you will serve
Menu selections

If you do not have all this information right away, when you do have it all ready, please let us know at least 1 week in advance of the scheduled date.

What do I need to bring?

You are responsible for bringing all ingredients you plan to use to prepare your meal, as well as enough paper products for the guests to use while eating your meal. You are responsible for preparing the food and helping serve the food to the guests. You are also responsible for cleaning up the kitchen after you are done (leaving it cleaner than you found it is even better!). In addition, we ask that you wear gloves when you prepare the meal for our guests in order to prevent spreading germs. You can either bring gloves on your own or ask for some from the front office in the house. Each of these responsibilities is extremely important so that our guests can enjoy your delicious food and there is a smooth experience for all involved!

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